The Tarot of Why.

The Tarot of Why.

The Tarot of Why. The Tarot of Why.

Welcome to The Tarot of Why

78 cards. 22 of the Major Arcana. 56 of the Minor Arcana. 

Created and designed by R. Campbell

For hundreds of years the tarot has been used as a system of divination. Seekers have used the tarot to gain insights, tell fortunes, make plans. But as the saying goes, if you want The Gods to laugh, make plans.

Enter The Tarot of Why. 

The Tarot of Why will not tell you where you are going. But it may tell you Why you are going there. 

The Tarot of Why will not tell you what you are going to do. It may tell you Why you are going to do it. 

The Tarot of Why will not tell you when something is going to happen. 

But it may tell you Why. 

We live in confusing times. We never know what's going to happen next. Wouldn't it be comforting to at least know Why?

Ask The Tarot of Why.

The Tarot of Why Deck

R. Campbell ( created and designed each card by hand. Ink, watercolors, gouache, coffee and blood were used to create each original design.

Those familiar with the Rider/Waite symbology will see that The Tarot of Why holds to that tradition and departs from it as well. 

Peruse The Tarot of Why  below:

Why the Tarot of Why?


The Tarot of Why

The Tarot of Why was created by artist, poet and clown R. Campbell while touring the world with Cirque du Soleil And Teatro ZinZanni in North and South America, Europe and Japan. 

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Each deck is printed to order on quality card stock (matte) and shrink wrapped to insure the very freshest answers to anything you may ask The Tarot of Why.



Your order will be shipped immediately and each deck comes in a custom whytanium metal box with The Tarot of Why card back embossed on the lid. 

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Some Symbols of The Tarot of Why


The Sailboat

The Dragonfly

The Sailboat

Sailing off on a gust of wanderlust. Distance. Longing. 


The Flower

The Dragonfly

The Sailboat

 Hope is a thing with petals.

Nurture. Nature.


The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly has no reverse gear. Direction. Resolve.


The Tarot of Why Card of The Week: The chariot.

The Chariot.

Why walk when you can drive?

You've room to vroom.


Double deals.

Training wheels.


Traffic jams.

Changed plans.

A dream detoured

But undeterred,

You turn the page.


Road rage.

Hate Ben.

Love Hur.

Drive thru.

The two you's.

Conquer fear.

You're the charioteer.


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